Post-publication meeting with manufacturers


INESSS offers the possibility of a post-publication meeting with drug manufacturers as part of its process of evaluating drugs for listing purposes.

This meeting may take place after the publication of a recommendation to the Minister when registration of a drug is denied solely on therapeutic grounds.

For the sake of efficiency, only one meeting is permitted per drug concerned.

The meeting may be requested within two months of the date of publication of the notice to the Minister.

The manufacturer must identify significant issues when preparing its meeting request and submit them with the request in the form of questions.

Terms and conditions

  • The meeting request must be sent by email and include the name of the product, the indication, the date of publication of the notice to the Minister and the significant reasons to be discussed with INESSS, formulated as questions.
  • The manufacturer must provide a proposed agenda (time allotted per question) and the names of two people who will represent the manufacturer.
  • The request must be sent by email to the following address:
  • INESSS will evaluate whether this meeting is appropriate and will notify the manufacturer as soon as possible. If necessary, INESSS will schedule the time of the meeting. The invitation for the meeting will be sent by INESSS.
  • Issues not included in the initial application will not be addressed.

For the manufacturer, a maximum of two people.

Duration of meeting
30 minutes maximum, including discussion period.

Other details
If you have any questions about the post-publication meeting process, you can contact the secretariat of the Direction de l’évaluation des médicaments et des technologies à des fins de remboursement by sending an email to

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