Critical care

Critical care works aim to optimize the management of patients who are unstable or at risk of becoming unstable because of problems related to one or more vital organs.


6 Publications in Soins critiques

09-25-2023 | Soins critiques

Models for coordinating interhospital transfers in critical care

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06-27-2022 | Soins critiques | Traumatology

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS): needs analysis and clientele identification

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09-27-2021 | Soins critiques

Hospital at home: an alternative to conventional hospitalization

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05-27-2019 | Soins critiques | Traumatology

Utilisation de l’oxygénation extracorporelle par membrane (ECMO) chez l’adulte au Québec

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08-27-2018 | Soins critiques

Modes d'organisation des services de soins intensifs : état de connaissances et indicateurs de qualité

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