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This theme refers to works aiming to optimise patient care, for those having suffered physical trauma, through different care and service channels.  


10 Projects in Traumatology

22 Publications in Traumatology

05-07-2021 | Traumatology

Assessment and Risk Management of Severe Neurological Complications Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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11-30-2020 | Traumatology

Update of quality and performance indicators for trauma care

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10-19-2020 | Traumatology

Descriptive measures and quality indicators for improving the quality of care and services provided by the designated centres of e [...]

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07-31-2020 | Traumatology

Evaluation of adult tertiary and regional secondary trauma centres: Trends in outcome indicators, 2013-2018

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11-05-2019 | Traumatology

Toolkit to support implementation of the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory-4

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