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This theme refers to works aiming to optimise patient care, for those having suffered physical trauma, through different care and service channels.  


5 Projects in Traumatology

26 Publications in Traumatology

10-16-2023 | Traumatology

Organizational models for the management of spinal cord injuries

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10-02-2023 | Traumatology

Bilan de qualité et de performance en traumatologie: Guide d'accompagnement

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02-20-2023 | Traumatology

Continuum of care and services for individuals with a traumatic spinal cord injury in Québec - characteristics, care pathways and  [...]

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11-08-2022 | Traumatology

Revision of criteria for the withholding and termination of resuscitation by paramedics in prehospital setting

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06-27-2022 | Soins critiques | Traumatology

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS): needs analysis and clientele identification

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