Algorithms in Oncology

The algorithms for cancer investigation, treatment and follow-up grew out of an initiative of the Groupe d’étude en oncologie du Québec (GEOQ) [Québec oncology working group]. The aim of the algorithms is to facilitate decision-making in the area of cancer care by physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Initially developed as a PDF document, the algorithms are now presented in a web format.

Each algorithm provides access to three levels of information: 1) decision algorithms; 2) recommendations; and 3) evidence-based data and discussion.

1re publicationMise à jourAlgorithmes d'investigation, de traitement et de suivi en cancérologie
Août 2014
(Format PDF)
Mars 2020 (Format Web)Cancer du poumon

Novembre 2018
(Format Web)

Cancer du sein
Décembre 2016
(Format PDF)
Lymphome de Hodgkin
Mai 2016
(Format PDF)
Cancer du rectum
Mai 2016
(Format PDF)
Cancer du côlon
Juillet 2015
(Format PDF)
Cancer de la prostate

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