Notices to the Minister

Each time theList of Medications for the basic prescription drug insurance plan and theList of Medications - Institutions are updated, INESSS will publish an Notice to the Minister, which sets out the recommendations made to the Minister about products evaluated by INESSS as well as the rationale for accepting or rejecting the products, based on criteria specified under the Act.

Please note that, in accordance with section 5 of the Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux, INESSS must publish the notices and recommendations it sends to the Minister. However, INESSS is also subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information. As a result, some information may be obliterated from the publication in accordance with right of access restrictions. Such information is therefore blacked out in accordance with the Act.

In the interest of increasing transparency, INESSS will publish any information it is allowed to make public.

To find recommendations for a specific drug product
Check the section entitled Drug products undergoing evaluation and evaluated.

To search for Notices to the Minister and Capsules CdM  by year of publication (only available in French)
Check the following list sorted by year.

Consultez la liste ci-dessous, pour trouver les Avis au ministre et les Capsules CdM selon leur année de diffusion

Notice to the minister in 2020 - INESSS

Rapport déposé au ministre

Capsules CdM in 2011 - Conseil du médicament

Archives - Capsules pharmacothérapeutiques

Capsules pharmacothérapeutiques in 2007 - Conseil du médicament
Capsules pharmacothérapeutiques in 2006 - Conseil du médicament
Capsules pharmacothérapeutiques in 2005 - Conseil du médicament
Capsules pharmacothérapeutiques before 2005 - Conseil du médicament and Conseil consultatif de pharmacologie


Reprinting any Notices to the Minister in whole or in part is permitted on condition that the text is not modified and that the source is mentioned. The use of Notices to the Minister content for advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.

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