Drug products waiting for Notice of Compliance

A request for registration in the List of Medications  for the basic prescription drug insurance plan and the List of Medications - Institutions may be subject to an evaluation before the issuance of a Notice of Compliance from Health Canada. This allows the transmission of the recommendation to the Minister of Health and Social Services without undue delay. The evaluation can begin if INESSS deems that the following condition is met:  


  • The issuance of the Notice of Compliance is expected within the next 180 days.

To warrant such an evaluation, all request files must be provisionally completed. Please refer to Checklist 2 or Checklist 12 for the list of documents required. INESSS will begin the scientific evaluation of requests deemed admissible. In order to allow the finalisation of the recommendations to be transmitted to the Minister of Health and Social Services, INESSS must, however, have in its possession the Notice of Compliance issued by Health Canada as well as the official product monograph.   

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