Cancerology refers to works that aim to optimise patient care for those diagnosed with cancer throughout the complete care trajectory.


74 Publications in Cancérologie

03-25-2020 | Cancérologie

Lung cancer – algorithms for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

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01-27-2020 | Cancérologie

Tomosynthesis and breast cancer: diagnostic evaluation and other uses

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09-03-2019 | Cancérologie

Use of linear accelerators with on-board magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for real-time MRI-guided radiation therapy treatments

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08-26-2019 | Médicaments: Usage optimal | Cancérologie

Dose banding and dose rounding of antineoplastic agents

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04-08-2019 | Cancérologie

Guide de prise en charge de l’extravasation associée aux traitements antinéoplasiques

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19 Projects in Cancérologie

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