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INESSS supports decision-making by evaluating technologies and methods of intervention, the development of practical guides and methodological support.

INESSS can receive certain requests from the sector, as well as those submitted within the context of the calls for projects within the scope of the development of its Three-Year Business Plan.

These requests must meet the applicants’ decision-making needs. 

Organisations eligible to submit a project request

  • Québec public and parapublic organisations
  • Non-profit or community organisations in the health or social services sector
  • Associations and professional orders

Requests are submitted in the following order:

  1. Filing of request - 48 hours (acknowledgement of receipt)
  2. Verification of eligibility – within 15 days (interview)
  3. Strategic analysis
  4. Decision – As quickly as possible based on the information submitted by applicant

An interview with the applicant is required following receipt of the request in order to clarify the needs and define the request. Certain experts may be invited to participate in this interview.  

1. Filing of a project request
The requests are filed by filling the form provided for this purpose.
It is important to identify the resource person and provide his or her contact information where indicated.

INESSS recognises the urgent nature of certain requests and will do everything in its power to address them as expeditiously as possible. The more complete and concise the information is in the form, the more likely the treatment of the request will be timely. 

Once completed, the form must be sent by email to

2. Verification of eligibility

Verification of eligibility of the request answers the following questions:

  • Is the organisation eligible to submit a request?
  • Does the project fall within the scope of INESSS’s mission?
  • Did the organisation provide enough information for INESSS to consider the request?

The verification of eligibility is done based on information provided in the form and during the first interview.

At the conclusion of the verification of eligibility:
If the request is not eligible, the applicant, if at all possible, is redirected to other agencies.

If the request is eligible, it will be submitted to a strategic analysis.

3. Strategic analysis
The strategic analysis is conducted from predefined specific criteria towards a systematic and thorough evaluation of the request. The Scientific Coordinating Committee is responsible.

Consult the Grille d’analyse des demandes de projets for the evaluation criteria.

The strategic analysis evaluates the importance of the problem and the decision for the healthcare and social services system, for INESSS and for its partners. There are other criteria, such as scientific and technical feasibility, and the potential for implementation and appropriation of products by the applicant, the network and its partners. All within a perspective of added value for the healthcare and social services system.  

At the conclusion of the analysis, the Scientific Coordinating Committee makes a decision that is communicated to the applicant.

4. Decision
If the request is accepted, INESSS communicates with the applicant to discuss the terms of the implementation of the project.

If the request cannot be accepted, the applicant is, if at all possible, redirected to other agencies. 

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