Mental health

Mental health works refer to services and practices relating to the needs of people of all ages presenting mental health problems or mental disorders or at risk of presenting such problems, as well as people close to them.      


15 Publications in Santé mentale

04-24-2023 | Santé mentale

Analysis of personal and clinical characteristics associated with a favourable response to psychosocial interventions aimed at pre [...]

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07-08-2022 | Santé mentale

Efficacy of psychosocial interventions for the prevention and treatment of common mental disorders and symptoms

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08-27-2019 | Déficiences physiques | intellectuelles et TSA | Santé mentale

Effects of assistance dogs and companion animals on persons with autism spectrum disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder

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05-10-2019 | Jeunes et familles | Santé mentale

La gestion du risque suicidaire et des comportements d’automutilation chez les jeunes hébergés en centre de réadaptation pour jeun [...]

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03-19-2018 | Médicaments: Usage optimal | Jeunes et familles | Santé mentale

Optimal service trajectory for children, adolescents and young adults with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivit [...]

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1 Project in Santé mentale

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