Troubled youth

This field of social services refers to works aiming to optimise practices in response to the needs of children and youths presenting developmental and behavioural problems that may lead to adjustment difficulties, and includes the parents.


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02-13-2024 | Jeunes et familles

Methodological report in support of the Reflection Guide Supporting Clinical and Organizational Practices in Rehabilitation Servic [...]

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10-13-2023 | Jeunes et familles

Benchmarks to improve services for atrisk or neglected children and their families

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07-10-2023 | Jeunes et familles

Developing portraits to support the ongoing adaptation of youth services by local service networks

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02-20-2023 | Jeunes et familles

Characteristics and needs of targeted rehabilitation clienteles for young people with adjustment problems aged 10 or older

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01-24-2023 | Jeunes et familles

Effectiveness of rehabilitation models and approaches for young people with adjustment problems

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