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Looking for participants: Perspectives of people of female sex on perineal and pelvic training to prevent and treat pelvic floor dysfunction‎

Publication en format Web de l’algorithme pour le cancer du sein‎

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05-29-2023 | Biologie médicale et génomique

Principles and Criteria for Gene Selection for the Molecular Diagnosis of Constitutional Genetic Diseases by Next-Generation Seque [...]

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05-15-2023 | Dépistage et pratiques cliniques préventives

Relevance of adding the HbS/E, HbE/E and HbE/β-thal variants to the primary targets of the neonatal screening test for hemoglobino [...]

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05-08-2023 | Modes d'intervention en santé

Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation for the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions – Part 1: Urinary incontinence

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