Cancerology refers to works that aim to optimise patient care for those diagnosed with cancer throughout the complete care trajectory.


74 Publications in Cancérologie

05-30-2016 | Cancérologie

Rectal cancer investigation, treatment and follow-up algorithm

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05-06-2016 | Cancérologie

Extracorporeal photopheresis

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03-17-2016 | Biologie médicale et génomique | Cancérologie

Use of the Oncotype DX® test for therapeutic decision-making in the context of treating invasive breast cancer

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03-08-2016 | Cancérologie

Use of radioactive seeds for the preoperative localization of non-palpable breast tumours

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02-25-2016 | Cancérologie

Cancer de la prostate localisé

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10 Projects in Cancérologie

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