Meetings with representatives from the biomedical technology industry


In the interest of transparency and openness, INESSS meets regularly with biomedical technology companies, which are represented by MEDEC. This permanent mechanism facilitates the discussion of shared issues and the development of best practices in collaboration.

Objectives of the statutory meetings

  • Create a space for constructive dialogue and discussion between INESSS and medical technology companies, which are represented by MEDEC, and INESSS.
  • Discuss issues concerning the medical technology evaluation carried out as part of INESSS’s mission.
  • Facilitate optimal communication between INESSS and all manufacturers, in particular with regard to the medical technology evaluation process.
  • Keep the companies informed of ongoing and upcoming work at INESSS, including work concerning innovation and technology evaluation.
  • Keep INESSS informed of MEDEC’S operations. Identify opportunities for collaboration between medical technology companies and INESSS.


Participation in the statutory meetings is limited to 10 people: 5 representatives from MEDEC and 5 from INESSS. Other participants may be invited as needed.

2020 meeting schedule and minutes

  • Monday, february 17
  • Thuesday, august 11
  • Monday, november 30

2019 meeting schedule and minutes

2014 meeting schedule and minutes

Rules governing the statutory meetings with representatives from the biomedical technology industry (MEDEC)

For more information on these meetings, please contact INESSS.

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