Relevance of Neonatal Pulse Oximetry Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease

08-27-2021 | Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires, Dépistage et pratiques cliniques préventives, Modes d'intervention en santé

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Critical congenital heart disease refers to heart defects resulting from malformation of one or more parts of the heart during the early stages of embryonic development. Pulse oximetry could assist in the early detection of certain congenital heart diseases in newborns.

As a result of its assessment, INESSS recommends that the practice of pulse oximetry as basic care for newborns be expanded and standardized in all of Québec’s birthing hospitals and birthing centres, in order to screen for critical congenital heart disease and any other hypoxemic condition. This recommendation is accompanied by a series of additional considerations that are clinical or professional in nature, as well as those regarding the organization of care and services and support of care quality.


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