Cardiology and neurovascular disease

Works in cardiology and neurovascular disease aim to optimise the care of patients suffering from cardio or neurovascular disease throughout the complete care trajectory.


38 Publications in Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires

03-30-2010 | Médicaments: Usage optimal | Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires

Follow-up study on hypolipidemic drug use (only available in French)

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04-28-2009 | Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires | Dépistage et pratiques cliniques préventives

Systematic Review of the Effects of Home Telemonitoring in the Context of Diabetes, Pulmonary Diseases and Cardiovascular Diseases [...]

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02-27-2008 | Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires

Organizational and Economic Issues in the Management of Patients with Acute ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)

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11-06-2007 | Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires

The practice of percutaneous coronary interventions in hospitals without on-site cardiac surgery : review of guidelines and analys [...]

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08-31-2004 | Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires

An Economic Analysis of Drug Eluting Coronary Stents: A Québec Perspective

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9 Projects in Cardiologie et maladies neurovasculaires

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