Cancerology refers to works that aim to optimise patient care for those diagnosed with cancer throughout the complete care trajectory.


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02-05-2010 | Cancérologie

La prostatectomie radicale assistée par robot (only available in French)

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12-23-2009 | Cancérologie

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer Treatment : Technical Aspects

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12-01-2009 | Cancérologie

Curative Treatment for Esophageal Cancer: Systematic Review of Neoadjuvant Therapy and Chemoradiotherapy Alone

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10-08-2009 | Cancérologie | Dépistage et pratiques cliniques préventives

Screening Mammography for Women Aged 40 to 49: Update

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06-23-2009 | Cancérologie

Initial Staging of Esophageal Cancer: Systematic Review of the Performance of Diagnostic Methods

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