Optimal use of medication

Optimal use of medication refers to works leading to recommendations concerning the relevance of using a medication in a given situation, in order to maximise the benefits while decreasing the risks to the health of patients and the population. 


100 Publications in Médicaments: Usage optimal

04-03-2022 | Médicaments: Usage optimal

Reclassement hors annexe des produits vétérinaires contenant des glycosaminoglycanes, administrés par voie orale

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03-07-2022 | Médicaments: Évaluation aux fins d'inscription | Médicaments: Usage optimal

Biologic dose escalation - Gastroenterology, rheumatology and dermatology

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02-15-2022 | Médicaments: Usage optimal

Optimal use of immunoglobulin in solid organ transplantation

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12-13-2021 | Médicaments: Usage optimal

Optimal use of immunoglobulins in infectious diseases

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08-16-2021 | Médicaments: Usage optimal

Alcohol withdrawal and relapse prevention

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47 Projects in Médicaments: Usage optimal

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