Digital Screening Mammography

09-23-2013 | Cancérologie, Imagerie médicale

Three types of technologies currently co-exist for breast cancer screening. Québec has 136 mammography units, including 103 devices (76 %) using CR technology. 

A recent article by Chiarelli et al., published in Radiology, challenged the detection capability of CR compared with that of the SFM and DR technologies. Following this publication, Ontario health authorities indicated their intention to switch to digital direct (DR) mammography in its breast cancer screening program and to phase out CR devices.

In light of these new data, the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) asked INESSS to examine if Chiarelli’s research study (2013) is scientifically robust enough to support a decision that would justify changing the mammography units in Québec and if the scientific literature on this specific topic support the same argument. 


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