A profile of the practices adopted in Quebec to facilitate the transition to adulthood of young people who reside in an alternative living facility

02-19-2018 | Jeunes et familles

The transition to adulthood presents many challenges for young people and can be particularly difficult for those more vulnerable, including the youths who reside in an alternative living facility. Many of them have a complex clinical profile with various issues related to mental health, behavior, and use of psychoactive substances.

Within the framework of its three-year plan of activities 2016-2019, and based on scientific, contextual and experiential data, the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) and the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) have agreed to develop a Practice guide on the transition to adulthood of young people residing in an alternative living facility.  In order to contextualize the elements of this guide, a profile of the organizational and clinical practices within the institutions of the Quebec health and social services network was first produced.


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