Networks and partnerships

Together, for excellence

Through its mission, INESSS must be a leader capable of mobilising the stakeholders of the health and social services network as well as the scientific community. Collaboration and partnership are essential, on the one hand, to ensure that the Institute's recommendations are fair and equitable and, on the other hand, that its products get the widest possible dissemination. 

Thus, INESSS gathers knowledge and expertise of different natures (scientific, contextual, experiential) and integrates the perspectives of professionals, managers, decision makers, scientists, ethicists, patients, users, caregivers and citizens. Thanks to their commitment, good practices and innovations in the health and social services sector can be applied more quickly and effectively.

INESSS partners are invited to get involved in the whole process of evaluation of technology, medications and health and social service interventions. Furthermore, they are integrated in different task forces and governance of INESSS and they cooperate in the operation and direction of INESSS’s works.  

Also, in order to fully take advantage of knowledge and expertise from stakeholders, patients, users and caregivers, INESSS intends to adapt its work organisation and set dynamic collaboration mechanisms, bringing together a diversity of expert knowledge, first in Quebec, then across Canada and abroad.  

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