Use of ulipristal acetate or levonorgestrel as oral emergency contraception

09-08-2020 | Médicaments: Usage optimal

Notice Santécom: 127460

Emergency contraception is a complementary tool to the different regularly used contraceptive methods on the market and enables a woman who has had unprotected sexual intercourse (USI) to prevent, as far as possible, an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. To promote the optimal use of the two drugs recommended in the Québec contraception protocol for oral emergency contraception (OEC), levonorgestrel (LNG) and ulipristal acetate (UPA), MSSS asked INESSS to produce a clinical tool to guide health professionals in making the appropriate choice of an OEC, either LNG or UPA, based on the clinical situation of each requester and the different features of these contraceptives.


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