Accessing the senior care and services continuum

07-08-2019 | Personnes âgées

Notice Santécom: 120453

As more and more investment is being made in the Support for Elderly Autonomy Program (SAPA), it is essential to assess this program in order to optimize the value that it affords the people of Québec. In accordance with the mandate granted to INESSS, this report is intended to support the Ministry of Health and Social Services with respect to assessing the senior care and services continuum.

This state of knowledge incorporates scientific data culled over the course of four literature reviews and experiential data derived from the grey literature for construction of an indicator inventory containing 282 indicators relevant for assessing the quality of the SAPA continuum. Experiential data collected during a consultation of experts, included seniors and caregivers, permitted the identification of priority indicators to be favoured within care pathways to evaluate the quality of the SAPA continuum.

A complementary report prepared by the Observatoire de McGill on reforms to health and social services is also available: Rapport de la journée de consultation des parties prenantes: «Bien mesurer, pour bien agir».


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