Participating in the CoMPAS+ program: All You Need to Know

Participation in the CoMPAS+ program allows an organization and its community partners to take advantage of the assistance provided by the INESSS team. This assistance is intended to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of the care and services continuum.

The proposed approach is broken down into three stages.

  1. Preparatory stage: In collaboration with the participating organization and taking the local or regional context into consideration, the INESSS team plans the workshop, helps to recruit participants and assesses possible linkages to related projects that are already under way in the target community.
  2. Workshop execution stage: One or more workshops may be developed and set up for an organization; each workshop normally takes one day, and there are opportunities to make adaptations to suit the context.
  3. Post-workshop assistance stage: The INESSS team provides assistance tailored to the organization’s context in order to facilitate integration and follow-up on the action plan designed during the workshops.

The CoMPAS+ program is conducted in a slightly different manner depending on whether it is intended for a local services network (LSN), a family medicine group (FMG) or an institution (CISSS/CIUSS) [integrated health and social services centres]/integrated university centres for health and social services].

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