For Whom is CoMPAS+ Intended?

The CoMPAS+ program is intended for three groups of key players who are engaged in improving practices vis-à-vis integrated outreach services, i.e., the local services networks (LSNs); Family medicine group (FMG), University family medicine group (U-FMG) and super clinics; and the executive committees of the integrated health and social services centres (CISSS) or the integrated university health and social services centres (CIUSSS).

In light of the desired consolidation of integrated and interdisciplinary practices ,  the reflective practice workshops need to bring together a diversified group of individuals who are involved in chronic disease prevention and management. While the specific makeup of the group will vary with the context, it most often includes the following stakeholders:  

  • users (mandatory presence);
  • caregivers;
  • family physicians;
  • appropriate medical specialists for the targeted chronic disease;
  • nurse practitioners specializing in primary care;
  • other professionals (social workers, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, etc.);
  • community and institutional pharmacists;
  • managers.

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